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I’m starting to see why GamerGate has so many useful idiots, when I read things like this, and get to see one of them in action.

See, I link to an interesting, insightful, long read at Medium that discusses the lack of racial slurs that are used to describe white people. I comment that this article is “great”, and this genius declares that I “support indiscriminate bullying”, based on either this idiot’s lack of reading comprehension, or a willful distortion of the meaning of my words.

Either way, these are the useful idiots who are keeping GamerGate alive.

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Hendo is creating the first ever real hoverboard. Marty McFly’s hovering skateboard in Back to the Future part 2 is the inspiration to this project. They have a kickstarter and you can actually donate 10k and be one of the first 10 people (2 spots left ATM) in the world to own a real functioning hoverboard.

Their long term goal is to use similar technology to eventually levitate larger things such as cars, trains, and even buildings. You can actually get your hands on the hover engine that this technology utilizes for a donation of $299.

The date for its release is 10/21/2015 also known as the date Marty McFly arrives in the future.


I can totally raise $10,000 with Gray’s Sports Almanac.